Improve your cash flow through Merge Health's network of nationwide independent dental practices.

Merge Health's team of back-office service processionals are hired out to dentists who want to keep their focus on what matters most to them: their patients and the dental work they need. Rather than acting as a bank for the profits, we share them with our investors. We offer investment packets to those interested, and can tailor the opportunities directly to the needs of the investor.

Providing monthly dividend checks to private investors through dental practice investments.

A safe investment in notes backed by companies who take advantage of our back-office teams.

Custom tailored independing dental investment options for investors who prefer stable collateralized investments.

Ready to make your investment in our independent dental practices?


Why Merge? 

We have relevant and expert knowledge on the dental industry because our founder is a dental with multiple successful practices himself. Not only do we know what it takes to make an independent practice run well; we have the connections to the best in the business for various back-office needs to make it happen. 


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What is a DPO?

Typical dental service organizations tend to be large corporate structures that take over your practice. But Merge Health is a Dental Partnership Organization, which means you maintain ownership of your own practice. In fact, Merge Health is the ONLY dental organization that combines all the beneifts of a large company with the full flexibility of a solo practitioner.
  • Focus on the dental work that you do best
  • Dynamically scale your team to fit your current need
  • Increase profits with improved efficiencies
  • Freedom to delegate work to a trustworthy parter

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